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mars: sorry for not being this account but i was my main account. i have new ideas for her etc.
note i dont have mmd on this pc  have so i might have to draw them okay. i have to waint untilli get a new pc or lap top okay

ask some stuff okay :)
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Adela Łukasiewicz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
cześć My name is Adela . I'm the human personification of warsaw,
capital of poland.You are free to ask me anything you you want to know ^_^
_____________________The Basics_______________

Name:Adela Łukasiewicz
Represents: Warsaw
Age (In looks): Around 15-20
birthday: July 22
Hair Color: Platinum blond (like poland)
Eye Color: green eyes (like poland)

Preferred Style of Clothing: Tends to wear heavy warm coats on winter. because it cold in warsaw like russia.but wehn it sunny she like to tee shirts and jeans. also flats

our National Anthem

my song

*warsaws time line*

1200 Warsaw is founded
1413 Capital of Mazovia
1573 Warsaw Confederation and the first free election
1596 Capital of Poland
1641 Prussian Homage
1655 Deluge
1700 Great Northern War
1747 Foundation of Załuski Library
1788 Great Sejm begins
1791 Constitution is passed by the Sejm
1794 Warsaw Uprising and Massacre of Praga
1795 Third partition of Poland
1807 Warsaw Duchy established
1815 Congress Poland established
1830 November Uprising
1863 January Uprising
1914 World War I begins
1918 Capital of the Second Polish Republic
1920 Battle of Warsaw
1925 Polskie Radio starts
1934 Opening of Chopin Airport
1939 World War II begins
1939 Siege of Warsaw
1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
1944 Warsaw Uprising
1944 The expulsion of the population and
planned destruction of Warsaw by German Army
1945 Rebuilding of Warsaw begins
1952 Warsaw is recognized as the capital of the PRL
1955 Signature of the Warsaw Pact
1989 Polish Round Table Agreement
1990 Capital of the Third Polish Republic
2012 Football Championship Euro 2012 is held
.:Head Canons:.
warsaw is cheerful girl with a bloodsheed past.she has a morthly nature to her that she cares for her people like it was her when a war happen and people she feels it. war does srtine her body. but she has a stubbern nature which only poland and the other polish cites see.she take pride in her culture and the arts. she think of ponland as a older brother who rasie her and the other citys in poland. also she like to work out and triain one a week

Kocham Cię (i love you )
:iconasknaples: :iconluvluvplz: :iconhetailawarsaw:


1p family: aka the sassy gay brothers

:iconask-mmd-poland: you may be girly and love pink but i love you no matter what

:iconmicaelatoth: i have a sister woo -jumps up and down-

:iconskulsk-ask: my sister she is so cute

:iconask-gdansk: : one of many sisters that i love no matter what

:iconasksiberia-sasha: my Cousin i love him and he my bf best friend friend

good friends
:iconasknordiccapitals: other capitals like me.were good friends
:iconalaskaaaa: a good friend who make me gigle and lol
:iconask-thecupcakespair: we dont talk much but you guys are funny
:iconwhitemagehealer: there funny and cool to hang out with
:iconask-mmd-igiko: alice your good friend who make me simle a lot and you protect me a lot
:iconaskthenordic5: you guys are funny and i would love to vist you guys some time
:iconask-2p-espana: your so cool and nice also your willing to protect from any 2p who try to kill me -hugs-
:iconask2pgreek: your lovable and your a good friend
:iconask-heracleskarpusi: : we have fun times togeter and thanks for my new cat
:iconthe-isolated-one: you may have hard life but am going to there for you my friend
:iconbassie-michelle: my demon friend, i love how you fallow your heart and your one hell of a maid

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